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                3、承接国内@外聚氨酯发泡设备的升级改造并提供丰富的备品备ξ 件。

                     Penglai kanwot polyurethane equipment Co Ltd is an equipment research and development and manufacturing ,sales and service as one of the technology - oriented enterprises , located in known as " fairyland on earth " reputation of Penglai at the Bohai Sea coast . After more than 1 0years of development and settling , the company has developed a wide range of products , con - tinuously improve product quality and technological content , and products are widely used in autointeriors , white appliances , insulation materials , furniture , transportation and other indus tries
                 Company ' s main business scope :
                 1 . all kinds of high pressure and low pressure polyurethane foam machine and parts design and manufacturing
                 2 . For all types of polyurethane products supporting the production of the ring line , circular line , hydraulic pneumatic formwork , vacuum foam - breaking equipment design and manufacturing
                 3 . Undertake domestic and intemational polyurethane foaming equipment upgrading and provide abundant spare parts .
                 4 . tailored to meet the specific needs of users of foaming equipment , fixtures , all types of special - purpose production line , and so on .

                    Penglai kanwot polyurethane equipment Co Ltd is ' customer satisfaction as the highest purpose , adhering to the heart together , hand in hand altogether will create the future concept , constantly transcending self , advancing with the times , with high quality products and perfect service returning society and users .